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BY Bobby Cole on Oct. 01, 2010

Big Bang, Little Bite

During the past decade I have witnessed something occur that has amazed me. I have watched my 15 year old daughter grow up and continue to enjoy hunting. That's a big deal to me.  Her introduction to the sport was carefully orchestrated and planned. She thoroughly enjoys it now and considers herself a full fledged member of the fraternity or maybe sorority. In fact, it has worked so well I am compelled to tell the story in hopes that I might be able to help someone else successfully introduce their child to the outdoors. It’s no easy task with all of today’s distractions and I think it takes a special modified effort with a little girl. Right now its working and I pray I don’t mess it up for her. It has no doubt formed a bond a bond between us that will always be there. I believe that hunting and the love of the outdoors is that powerful.

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