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BY Mark Thomas on Oct. 20, 2013

Booger Holler Opossum Ranch

Building your Dream Cabin

By Mark Thomas 

My wife Vikki and I looked for our forestland for about 10 years, saving all the while, and finally bought 101-acres of wooded mountain land in central Alabama. Vikki was born and raised in “Booger Holler,” and she’s made great progress. She’s wearing shoes now about half the time, sometimes regular. She had to fill a “tater-sack” with cotton “leavings” every day after school in her childhood.  Leavings are what is left after the pickers have already gone through.  She grew up poor, eating dried beans for breakfast; she drank water for lunch, and just swelled up for supper.  We are kind of alike in that regard.  My family was so poor back in the Missouri Ozarks where I grew up that lots of nights Momma would gather us “chilren” (seven of us) around the supper table, pull a “Better Homes and Garden” cookbook from the shelf, and just read us a recipe for supper.   I had a brother that was hard of hearing, and he nearly starved to death.  I grew up ‘coon hunting off the back of an old Missouri “jumpin’ mule.”  

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