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BY Austin Delano on Oct. 20, 2013

Detour Around Mother Nature's Oven

Ensure Success despite the Hot, Dry Conditions of Fall Planting

By Austin Delano

Let’s face it, sometimes planting during the late summer through the early fall can be tough. The ideal planting time for cool season food plots coincides with some of the driest months of the year (July-October) and topsoil moisture, or the lack of it, will be the most important detail in the success, or failure of your plots. With the northern part of the country the exception because of the jet stream and ocean temperatures, much of the country starts seeing the summer thunderstorm frequency “dry up” around the first of August, and the southern part of the country doesn’t begin to receive any reliable rain events until October. With many landowners, hunting clubs, and outfitters planting in August and September, the conditions can be very challenging to say the least. How can a land manager assure themselves of some cool season cuisine for their herd?

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 •  3 years ago
I live in central fl, where it is very wet and hot what would be a good seed for this fall

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