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BY Bobby Cole on Sep. 26, 2016

Game Time: It's Fall Y'all!

Fall is the most anticipated time of the year, at least for me. I love the seasonal change. It's time to plant fall plots
and ready your property for hunting season... if you haven't already. It's interesting to me that “fall planting” is
actually “late summer planting” in many of our northern states and Canada. It can begin during July in some
northern areas, mid-August in many mid-tier states, and as late as September or early October in the very Deep South.
By the time September rolls around many of you already have your plots growing and getting hammered by deer, but in
December when those plots are covered with snow, in parts of the south they are just heating up.
It's still sweltering-hot here in Mississippi (written in August) and there is always concern about plots burning up.
There’s still even the serious threat for army worms. Nothing is ever easy, but if you’ve prepared a seedbed properly,
your seeds receive some moisture and you’ve given the plants some fertilizer, magic can happen. Annual seeds seem
like they explode from the ground. Their lifespan is only 6 to 7 months because if they are to survive they must bolt
to flower and produce seed. It seems as if annuals try to generate as much forage as possible within that short lifespan.
Our deer and other wildlife are the beneficiaries of these high-yielding crops. As a gamekeeper, it's very satisfying
to hunt a plot where you’ve chosen what to plant, broken ground and then sown the seeds that are now growing
plants and attracting whitetails. You've done something exceptional and you should know it. If you haven't, you're
missing out on one of life's simple pleasures.
Fall is also dove season and we at Gamekeepers love a good shoot. Preparing a productive dove field is an art in
itself, but it's what gamekeepers love to do. To really get the most out of dove season you need a dog. Check out the
all new "Gamekeepers Kennels" and see the companion hunting dogs that kennel-master Bill Gibson is producing.
Everybody loves puppies and these British Labs are special. There is nobody better, in our opinion.
Enjoy the fall and stay safe.

PS: Be sure you check out the all new "Gamekeepers" television
show. It airs on the Pursuit Network on Wednesday nights, at
9:00 PM EST (8:00 PM CST). It's had a total remake and we'd
love to hear what you think. Bobby Cole,
BioLogic &


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