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BY Brad Fitzpatrick on Mar. 13, 2014

Ground Breaking Discoveries

Effective wildlife management just became easier with these tools

Years ago, when deer management was not as common or as well researched as it is today, I decided I would delve into planting food plots on my farm in Ohio. The idea seemed simple enough—a little land, a few seeds and the deer practically sprouted out of the ground like the alfalfa and corn. I chose a rocky, out-of-the-way patch of mud and clay (after all, planting crops for deer certainly wasn’t going to pay for the farm, was it?) and began earnestly turning the soil--with a garden hoe. This was an immense failure so I opted to use a little more horsepower in the form of a finicky gas tiller that belched and clawed its way through the clay soil like a dinosaur slogging through a tar pit. Eventually the tiller turned the soil and that turned out to be the basis of my first food plot. 

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 •  6 years ago
I have a 8 foot  Leinbach  Cultipacker that the axle has a bow in it. The manufacturer is out of business. Can anyone tell me how to repair it. Thanks

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