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BY Todd Amenrud on Jan. 01, 2011

How to Pay To Play

While standing in line paying for my fertilizer bill last spring everyone was talking about our high tabs and the outrageous costs. Whether it’s fertilizer, seed or fuel the cost of planting a crop has skyrocketed in recent years. Fertilizer costs are approximately six times higher than they were six years ago. The cash-crop farmers standing around me couldn’t believe the amount that I was spending on “wildlife management.” I replied by telling them it was all paid for by taking advantage of the same trends they were complaining about. Every single one of them wanted to know more!

Whether the cause for the rise in commodity prices is actual global demand, natural disasters such as the flooding in Australia, or pure speculation, commodity prices continue to climb. By devoting a couple hours per week and doing a little homework, watching a news program or two, and keeping an eye on a brokerage account you can help pay for your land management goals by investing wisely. 

Besides making “fertilizer money,” I strongly believe that people should take a personal role in investing in their future. I’m not relying on our government and Social Security to take care of me when I’m older. With the way our government is spending money who knows if I’ll ever see any of what I’ve paid into the system. I’m taking a proactive approach and letting my money work for me by investing soundly. 

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