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BY Henri Paul Watson on Apr. 19, 2017

Moist Soil Management

Many say that the management of land is really the management of water. All living creatures cannot survive without it; however, it can be destructive and difficult to control at times. As fifth generation Mississippi land owners, our family has seen first-hand an incredible amount of change in management practices over the years. It is fascinating to see how these procedures have evolved over time, and to see the effects of new technologies that have emerged along the way. Of all the details that have changed in land management, water management is still largely important and most difficult aspect of land management.

We learned a lot about water management on our farm in Sunflower County, Mississippi. Despite having been in our family since before the Great Depression, when our generation took over the management of it, the land was in most ways unimproved, both in terms of farming and wildlife habitat. We set out to change that in a big way and ten years later this same farm is considered one of the most technologically advanced and environmentally sustainable farms in the Mississippi Delta region. A huge bonus has been how the parcel attracts wildlife and the incredible hunting it provides, especially for waterfowl.


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