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BY Austin Delano on Sep. 29, 2016

Specific Herbicide Uses

Anyone who has spent time farming, gardening or growing food plots has likely come to the realization that herbicides can be your best friend. Personally I would hate to try and raise a crop without them anymore. People that are new to planting or just new to using herbicides can have a lot of reservations about them in fear they may spray the wrong chemical or not use it correctly. There are a vast number of herbicides available – some new technology, a lot of old products with new names, generics made by several companies, and new formulations of old products. Even to an experienced farmer, wading through all the choices can be a task and it is ever changing. Outside of glyphosate and some grass specific herbicides that many wildlife managers are familiar with, I believe there are many really effective herbicides that can be used in controlling weeds for food plots, forestry applications and timber stand improvement, or invasive weed control in wildlife openings that are seldom used because no one is famil ar with them or their purpose. If a food-plotter really wants to feel good about what they are going to spray and not just take some part-time employee at the farm supply store’s word for it, you should have several critical pieces of information ready for your research.

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