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BY David Hawley on Oct. 20, 2013

Strictly Personal

Prairieland Outfitters Puts the Client First

By David Hawley

In the popular mafia flick The Godfather, the line of “it’s not personal, it’s strictly business” is frequently used to differentiate between matters of business and friendships.  It’s a great concept; certain things are intended to be handled on a personal level, while others are to be taken seriously. 

David Westmoreland of Kansas’ Prairieland Outfitters runs his operation as the antithesis of the above notion; he places an emphasis on personal relationships and a client-first mentality.  Evidenced by this is the high percentage of repeat clients that take to the field at Prairieland Outfitters each year.

“When I first started Prairieland Outfitters in 1997, we were hunting leased property in Missouri.  My initial goal then was to provide quality hunting opportunities to my clients while developing quality property for my family and me to hunt,” explained Westmoreland.  “I never want to put a client into a stand that I would not want to hunt as well.  I have been fortunate to personally harvest over fifty Pope and Young whitetails, many out of the same stands my clients hunt. They know when they hunt with me they will be put in the prime locations on our properties and will have the opportunity to harvest a tremendous animal.”

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