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BY Dave Edwards on Oct. 01, 2010

Take Me There!

From the time I was a boy, I have spent much of my free time in the woods or on the water trying to catch or kill something.  For some of us, it is just something in our blood; something we can’t get enough of.  Without question, hunting and fishing is my release - the place where I can forget about the stresses of everyday life, recharge my batteries, and clear my mind. 
 As I grew older, my outings became more about the challenge and the experience verses the catch or the kill.  In fact, my passion for the outdoors was strong enough that it led me to a career as a wildlife biologist.  I not only wanted to be a “consumer” of wildlife, I wanted to grow more, give back, and help others experience it. 
 With my two boys getting old enough to handle a gun and fishing rod, I recently discovered where my passion was born.  Although there is much enjoyment in preparing for outings, managing the land and wildlife, and the camaraderie of friends at the camp or in the boat, these activities are centered around an adrenaline rush created at the moment a buck steps out, at the command “take em’” when a flock of ducks drop into the decoys, or at the instant a bass explodes on a top-water plug. 
 Through watching my boys in the outdoors, I realized that this adrenaline rush is at the core of my passion for hunting, fishing, and managing wildlife for others.  While this may seem “deep” in thought, I also realized that the fish and wildlife take my boys to a place I can not. That is, I can plant food plots, manage the deer herd to ensure it is healthy and providing quality hunting opportunities, build comfortable shooting houses, and teach them how to shoot a gun; however, I can not create or buy the feeling or adrenaline rush that overtakes them between the time the gun is raised to shortly after the trigger is pulled.  It is a hunter’s high that once experienced often results in a passion or in some cases an obsession, to experience it again. 
 Because I have taken my boys hunting and fishing since they could walk, they developed this passion at an early age.  At ages 7 and 10 they are fully involved in all of my outings and would rather be in the woods or on the water than any place else.  In fact, if I ever want to hunt alone, I have to sneak camo clothes out of the house!  Great hunting doesn’t happen by accident!





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