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BY Dana R. Rogers on Oct. 20, 2013

The Saga of BOB and The Duke

The “Coming of Age” of a Manager and a Property

By Dana R. Rogers

After five years of intensive management and passing all young bucks, I had developed a history with a couple that sported some respectable “bone.” I’m sure fellow “gamekeepers” can understand the special place I’d developed in my heart over the years for these beautiful animals. What started out for me as a simple goal of having a better quality hunting experience turned into something much different, it wasn’t just the habitat and the local whitetail deer herd that was changing, it was me. 

From my early beginnings of weed-filled food plots, bloody hands from fencing and broken down equipment, I’d grown not just as a hunter / manager but as a man. The journey produced numbers of unique whitetails that I could identify from photos taken on the many trail cameras situated across the property.  A few really earned a spot in my daydreams.  

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