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BY Chuck Sykes on Oct. 01, 2010

The Trials and Tribulations of Small Acreage Management

When I first started my consulting business over 15 years ago, my average client owned 3,000 acres.  Management options were limitless. The only constraints were time and the owner’s wallet.  Today, on the other hand, my average client is the owner of 300 acres or less. We have managed properties as small as 10 acres. Needless to say, we have many more constraints than time and money when it comes to managing small acreage.
You may recall, last year I wrote a piece about small acreage management in IL; “Rambler, a Small Acreage Success Story.”  In this article, I showed how in two years we were able to turn around a 300 acre property that had really been abused and get it headed back in the right direction. I even harvested a beautiful 4.5 year old buck. Last season, we were given another challenge by Kevin Neill, owner of Mid West Extreme Hunting.  He had an 80 acre tract that he had been leasing for about 20 years and he wanted us to have a look. 

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