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BY The GameKeepers on Dec. 01, 2017

10 Safety Lessons We All Need To Be Reminded Of

We have all heard the basic hunter safety lessons thousands of times and unfortunately, over time we can become complacent. When this happens, the chances of an accident can drastically increase. Safety should always come first, so take time to review these lessons and pass them down to new hunters you may know.

1. Always treat every firearm as if it’s loaded. Never climb a ladder or tree with a loaded rifle.

2. Always be certain to clearly identify your target and what’s behind it. Projectiles can continue in flight for a long way.

3. After dark, or before daylight, use a flashlight when walking past another hunters area to prevent any mishaps and let them know your whereabouts. 

4. Double and triple check your rifle to make certain its unloaded.

5. Let someone know where you are going to be. We have all heard stories of accidents happening. It’s a hunters nature to be secretive about your exact location….but somebody needs to know.

6. When hunting from an elevated stand always wear a harness for the ascent, while hunting, and climbing down. No exceptions.

7. Always wear Hunter Orange where required. You never know who else is out there.

8. Many firearm accidents occur at the truck when loading and unloading firearms. Use extra caution.

9. When deer hunting, never wear any white clothing that could be exposed like an undershirt. It could be mistaken for a deer.

10. Have Fun, enjoy the great outdoors and always keep in mind that accidents can happen in a blink of an eye. Safety always comes first.

For more GameKeeper field tips read, “Keep Your Game Alive”. Fox, coons, coyotes or cats, just about every predator likes a meal of eggs, a tender, young turkey poult or the “fillet mignon” of a new-born fawn. If you want to raise more gobblers, whitetails or other game animals you should consider attacking the problem at its source.



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