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BY Dudley Phelps on Apr. 08, 2020

4 Reasons You Should Plant Hybrid Oaks

Why do we love Oak Hybrids so much? Here are just a few reasons- some lean more towards science while other reasons are more of a personal thing:

1. Hybrid oaks bring diversity to your property

Hybrids can fill a void in acorn drop time or even pollinate that other tree that never seemed to have a good crop in the past. They may decide to have a good acorn year when your local oaks don’t.

2. Hybrid oaks are all unique

No two hybrids are the same. Some may lean towards one of the parents, while other individuals may be more of a 50:50 look. Its fun to watch them grow and compare them to the others…almost like they each have their own personality. They are also just plain cool. Everyone needs to plant at least few “conversation piece” oaks on their land instead of always going with the standards.

3. Hybrid Vigor

Hybrid Vigor, also called heterosis, is a real thing. Hybrids can definitely grow faster. They are also often less noticed by insects, and seem to not get diseased as often. Because they are a cross between two species, hybrids can also tolerate a wider range of sites compared to their non-hybrid cousins.

4. Wildlife prefer hybrid oaks

Acorns from hybrid oaks are often more attractive to wildlife. Some hybrids produce acorns that are lower in tannins, while others are not. Regardless, deer and other wildlife seem to prefer eating the acorns from hybrid oaks. Wildlife seem to be more in touch with nature than we are, and can sense foods that are more nutritious for them. It could be due to their hybrid vigor that they are more efficient at pulling nutrients from the ground and translocating that to the acorn. Whatever the reason, we aren’t complaining.

So if you’re looking to add a set of unique trees that wildlife can’t resist to your piece of property, take a look at our collection of Hybrid Oaks. Between the fast growth and the wildlife benefits, you won’t be disappointed!



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