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BY Jesse Raley & Dudley Phelps on Apr. 26, 2016

7 Reasons Why Planting Trees Can Make You Happier

Tree planting has played an important role in improving wildlife habitat for ages. As GameKeepers, we know how effective “tree plots” and reforestation can be for attracting wildlife to a property, but let’s take a look at some of the other great reasons to go out and plant trees this spring!

Family activity

A day spent with family and friends in the field can be a very memorable experience for everyone, especially children. Planting trees is the perfect opportunity to teach youngsters about why we should plant trees for future generations (forward thinking), patience, and the importance of habitat management. This is also a great time to teach kids about the technical aspects of planting- such as “how to plant,”  the difference in soil types, the importance of proper site selection and planting depth.

Leave a legacy

Trees are economical and last longer than a lifetime. That’s why they serve perfectly as a living symbol of life experiences. Many GameKeepers take pride in knowing the hard work they put into planting trees now will pay off for future generations.

Good for the environment

Trees improve the environment by preventing and controlling erosion, and help to clean the air and water. Trees in urban areas provide shade and block cold winds, which in turn keeps heating and cooling costs down. The benefits of trees far outweigh the costs, making them a wise investment for the future.

Reliable food source (wildlife or human)

Everyone loves fresh fruit! Planting fruit bearing trees for wildlife can become a “hot spot” for game traffic when the trees are producing. These same trees can also offer up a tasty snack while in the field or at the home.

Plant in memory of a loved one

A tree planted in remembrance of a loved one can be an outstanding symbol of someone who is no longer with us, these trees can also serve as a place to visit and reflect upon memories.

Plant in celebration (birth of a child, buying a house or property)

Planting a tree to represent a birth, wedding, or even death can be better than spending much more money on something materialistic.

Great for wildlife habitat

All trees are beneficial to wildlife in some form or fashion. Food, cover, and water are the pillars of necessity for all walks of wildlife, and trees can provide both food and cover. Acorns from oaks, and leaves and fruits of mulberries are favorite foods by many, and a long row of mixed trees in a barren landscape of the Midwest can provide enough cover to provide safe travels to feeding areas. Advanced tree planting techniques and superior stock means nuts and fruits can mature in a hurry.

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