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BY The GameKeepers on Oct. 09, 2012

Catch Fall Army Worms Early

An early and warm spring followed by a hot and dry summer has led to ideal conditions for army worm outbreaks this fall. Army worms are the larvae of tropical moths that migrate into the U.S. Larvae are laid by the moths on blades of grass in pastures as well as crop lands. Outbreaks are usually worst in the Gulf Coast states, but tropical storms often increase a surge further north into the Midwestern states.

Army Worm densities of 5 or more per square foot can be devastating to pastures, food plots, or crops. The smaller and less mature worms are easiest to kill and control. After the worms reach 1.5 inches in length they are much tougher to kill and consume the most significant amount of foliage. Scouting food plots and pastures can lead to early detection and treatment. Insecticides can be used to control the worms however close attention should be paid to the grazing restrictions for the chemical used.


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