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BY Todd Amenrud on Aug. 10, 2015

Do Trail Cameras Spook Deer?

Arguably trail cameras are one of the top new tools introduced in the hunting industry in the past 30 years. Trail cameras are a loyal hunting companion that will sit there in the rain, snow and wind and record every animal that passes by that point. Even if you’re not using them for scouting, what about the education they can give you? Despite the extraordinary advantages trail cameras give you, there are some hardcore trophy hunters that refuse to use them.

The bad buzz on some trail cameras is they are loud or the deer can see the infrared flash and spook from it. Here’s an easy fix…spend a few dollars more for a better quality trail-cam! We like Moultrie products. A quality trail camera typically doesn’t have these problems, at least when it the noise issue. Test them for yourself. If you can hear it, guess who else can hear it? You’ll also find that some deer, even mature bucks, will tolerate the noise and the flash. Other deer will jump out of their skin – it’s just the different personalities they have. The visible flash is easier to remedy.

If you believe the deer are spooking from the infrared flash start placing your cameras high (6 to 7 feet).  Leave a bit of slack in the strap and place a stick behind the top to angle the camera down at your BioRock, corn pile or wherever you believe your subjects will pass through at the proper focal length. Whitetails aren’t accustomed to looking up and seldom react to an infrared flash coming from that high.


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