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BY Bobby Cole on Dec. 12, 2019

GameKeeper Gear Review: Bertucci Watches

Checking the time is vitally important for hunters and anglers. A morning might start with meeting a hunting companion, then, anticipating daybreak, checking on legal shooting time, making note of when a gobbler sounded off, what time a buck feeds through a food plot, or when a solunar feeding period is going to start. If you’re hunting waterfowl, deer or other species, where legal hunting time begins before actual sunup, a watch helps keep you legal. Knowing the time is import-ant and a watch is a part of the hunt.

Six years ago I was given a Bertucci watch for Christmas and I have worn it every day since. It has never let me down and it’s so light I don’t even know it’s on my wrist. So when we started laying out categories for “GameKeeper licensed products” I knew I wanted to pursue Bertucci for a sporting watch. It wasn’t easy, but I was finally able to talk to Michael Bertucci, the man behind the brand - and what started out as a couple designs, now is an offering of a dozen styles with multiple band colors. These watches are everything a gamekeeper needs…and the best part, they are affordable.

The features are many, but here are a few:

  1. Scratch resistant glass crystal
  2. Super luminous hands and markers
  3. Easy to read
  4. Water resistant to 100m and they bands dry quickly
  5. Super light weight
  6. Ergonomically offset crown so as not to impinge wrist movement

So please check these watches out. They will be a select Gamekeeper retail stores and at online at

“Every person should own a great field watch...essential gear to outfit themselves...we are excited about our partnership with GameKeeper to create a great performance field watch” - Mike Bertucci.



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