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BY Todd Amnrud on May. 10, 2017

GameKeeper Quick Tip: Leftover Scent & Lures

If you have lures and scent left over from whitetail hunting season that haven’t been opened they can often be stored until next year. Keep them in a cool, dark place and sometimes they can last several years. Oxygen, UV light and heat are all elements that deteriorate real urine-based scents. If you’ve cracked the seal, you typically only have a couple weeks to use it up. But if the bottle hasn’t been opened, store it in your basement or refrigerator (if the rest of your family will tolerate it) and next year sniff it when you open it. If it smells like ammonia (for urine-based scents) it’s probably best to throw it out and buy a new bottle. If it doesn’t, you should be good to go.


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