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BY Austin Delano on May. 24, 2017

GameKeeper's Early Season Advantage

Have you ever had a good buck patterned all summer long, and just needed a killer food plot to hunt over during the early archery season? We’ve all been there, and sometimes our early season food plots are still waiting on some rain to get up and going to have something to hunt over. A spring/early summer planting of BioLogic’s new Wildlife Sweet Corn could be what gives you that early season advantage. With high sugar content and great attraction, Wildlife Sweet Corn typically gets utilized by deer much earlier than typical row crop varieties and can be planted for a fraction of the cost. These heirloom varieties of corn are time tested for drought and heat resistance and are great for all wildlife, and ideal for deer and waterfowl. Check out our latest video on how you can broadcast plant BioLogic’s Wildlife Sweet Corn economically and without specialized equipment.


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