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BY The GameKeepers on Jan. 02, 2018

Is Your Deer Program Working?

Observing movement during hunting season may give you an idea of the status of your deer herd. However, to really know whether your management plan is working you must take some measurements and keep precise records. Paying close attention to browse levels, using utilization cages on your plots, gathering information from your trail-cameras and recording harvest data are all important to prove whether your management plan is actually working. Documenting accurate harvest records is especially important and easy to do. If you don’t have a meat-pole, a sturdy 14’ to 16’ high horizontal branch will suffice. Take a simple gambrel, attach it to a scale and then attach the scale to a winch or hoist and you’re ready to go. Body weights, combined with antler scores and information gathered from observing food plot consumption and browse utilization will confirm that your program is working. 

For more GameKeeper management tips, read “Post Season Management Tips”. With only a few weeks left in the deer season, it is a good time to start thinking about what can be done to improve your property, lease, or hunting club during the late winter. For folks that are really looking to improve body weights, antler growth, and overall health in their deer herd, the late winter is a great time to start supplemental feeding.


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