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BY John Phillips on May. 24, 2013

M.E.E.N. GREEN Improves Marginal Plots

When you put in the time, the energy and the money required to kill weeds, turn the soil, disk the soil, put out fertilizer and lime, choose the BioLogic mix you want to plant for the summer and/or the fall and then pray for rain, you want to produce the most forage possible. Jordan Lasuzzo explains, “This year, the researchers at Mossy Oak BioLogic have developed a new water-soluble fertilizer called M.E.E.N. GREEN. The analysis for this fertilizer is 15-40-5. This fertilizer can be sprayed on your green field planting after the plants have come up, not only increasing the tonnage you can produce, but also increasing the palatability of that planting. In other words, the plants taste better to the deer, so the fields where M.E.E.N. GREEN is sprayed have more potential to attract deer.”

M.E.E.N. GREEN water-soluble spray-on fertilizer is to your green field what Mossy Oak’s FULL POTENTIAL is to your deer herd. This fertilizer should help you get the maximum potential from your green field plantings for the deer and other wildlife that feed on it. M.E.E.N. GREEN especially can be effective on your perennial green fields when the plants need an extra boost in the late summer and early fall. Don’t overlook small hunting spots you’ve planted with BioLogic HOT SPOT. Sometimes when managing hunting lands, we concentrate most of our time, energy and money on larger green fields that may not be where we take our deer during most of the season. The smaller green fields, 100- or 200-yards away from our larger green fields, may suffer from neglect. We plant them, fertilize them and then forget them. So, when you purchase your M.E.E.N. GREEN fertilizer to boost your big green fields, don’t overlook using it on those smaller, perhaps marginal, green fields where deer often will stage before moving to the big green fields. 

Because M.E.E.N. GREEN helps your green fields and wildlife plantings become more palatable to deer, the crops sprayed with this fertilizer also can act as a magnet to draw deer in from other areas. To make your green fields as effective as they can be, especially in the late season, plant a green field next to a thick-cover bedding area with one of the Mossy Oak BioLogic products, spray it with M.E.E.N. GREEN, and make that green field a sanctuary that you don’t hunt until the last few weeks of the season. Older-age-class bucks from your property and surrounding lands will concentrate in this sanctuary. Then you may have an opportunity to take one of the biggest bucks on the property at the end of the season.  

For more information about Mossy Oak BioLogic and M.E.E.N. GREEN, click here.


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