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BY The Mossy Oak GameKeepers on May. 31, 2013

Nativ Nurseries: A Tradition of Excellence

From the beginning, Mossy Oak has put a high value on giving back to the outdoors and that’s exactly what Nativ Nurseries is all about. Utterly obsessed with resource and land management, the team at Mossy Oak is proud to offer trees—from oaks to those that bear fruit—to outdoors people looking to build or restore habitat. Mossy Oak’s Neill Haas had this to say:

“Nativ Nurseries is great because it appeals to so many people’s needs. We get a lot of people who just want the trees for a backyard landscaping job, but then there are those who come in and purchase hundreds and sometimes thousands of trees to improve the habitat on their property. It’s awesome being able to provide people with healthy, quality trees that will meet their needs. Also, it’s just great to know that Nativ Nurseries is helping to improve habitat all across the country. When people buy from Nativ Nurseries they are able to find specific plants and trees that will work well in their soil. We have a very informative website where people can read about and look at our different plant offerings as well as watch helpful videos.”

Find the best selection of plants for creating and restoring wildlife habitat at Our plant species are hand selected and hand grown with special attention to be sure we provide you with the absolute best Mother Nature has to offer.


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