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BY Dudley Phelps on Apr. 18, 2016

New Red Oak Hybrid from Mossy Oak Nativ Nurseries

At Mossy Oak Nativ Nurseries, we’re all about providing the best that Mother Nature has to offer, and our unique line of oak hybrids are second to none.  Our newest offering, Scarlet x Willow Oak Hybrid (Quercus coccinea x phellow)oak, is arguably the most productive and beautiful of them all.  The first year we discovered and collected acorns from the ancient open-grown parent tree, it was towering above its cohorts. The next year it had been reduced to stump from an errant lightning strike. However, when we returned for a follow up visit the following year, it had regrown a new main stem that was covered in acorns! Fast forward several years and it still produces a huge crop followed by an incredible display of fall color, making a perfect combination landscape/wildlife tree. Thanks to the parentage, you can grow them on a multitude of sites. Check out the Scarlet x Willow Hybrid and many more on our website, order now for fall planting!



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