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BY Austin Delano on Jul. 21, 2015

Not All Trees Are Created Equal: How to Improve Hunting by Removing Undesirables

Trees are a large part of wildlife management and hunting. When fall rolls around, we’re always looking for just the right tree to hang a stand in or searching for that group of white oaks that is raining acorns. There are also a lot of situations where the trees are undesirable from a species or location stand point. Many woodlands east of the Mississippi River have former log decks or other openings that are crowded by undesirable trees such as sweet gums, hickory, maples, etc. These trees take up valuable space where more beneficial plants for wildlife could be growing. Whether it be food plots or wildlife beneficial mast trees such as oaks or fruit, removing “junk” trees to improve native habitat is a great way to attract more wildlife. Hinge cutting trees for creating bedding and safety habitat has also become a fast growing management tactic. Removing undesirable trees can be quite an undertaking if they are of any size. Vail X Series Tree Saw can really be a valuable piece of equipment when you need to do some serious cutting. The X Series Tree Saw is ideal for use on skid steer or track loaders and has a cutting head that rotates 180 degrees for precise cutting at many angles. This versatile saw can also be used for clearing trails, increasing food plot acreage, property line maintenance, and tons of other uses. A great feature that can be added to the X Series saw is an integrated 5 gallon herbicide system. This allows you to selectively apply herbicides to stumps and trimmed saplings to ensure there is no re-growth. After cutting, Vail also makes a brush grapple attachment that is ideal for picking up and consolidating all the limbs, logs, and tree tops.


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