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BY Austin Delano on Jun. 08, 2017

Overcoming Summer Food Plot Failures

If you are a serious whitetail manager, you know that warm season food plots full of high protein forage are important for maintaining a healthy herd and growing bigger bucks.  Warm season plantings like lablab, soybeans, peas, are great additions to a deer’s diet, but they don’t come without some work. The two most common reasons for spring/summer food plot failure is over browsing and weed competition…and sometimes it’s both.

1.Over Browsing
Many times guys are trying to plant a small food plot in the middle of hundreds of acres of woods and the pressure that plot receives is heavy being the only plot. Even with a moderate deer density, these small plots are quickly over browsed resulting in very little forage growth and often times complete crop failure. The 3 possible solutions to this problem is increased food plot acreage, less deer, or crop protection. Temporary fencing like BioLogic’s P2 plot protector kit can save your planting and give your plot a better chance at establishment and forage production.

2.Weed Competition
The other enemy of warm season plots has been the thorn in mankind’s side since the dirt was new. Weeds are an inevitable part of farming and we have to deal with them. Do your research before planting and know what weeds you will likely deal with and what herbicides and other options are available ahead of time. There are hundreds of great herbicides available, but they have to be applied over the correct crops at the right time. Proper herbicide applications can be a major factor in being successful with spring/summer plots. Spraying when weeds are young and thriving gives you the best kill and can save your plot from being over-run. Weed Reaper Grass Control can be sprayed over any legume planting such as soybeans, peas, lablab, clover, alfalfa, etc. Herbaceous forbs like sunflowers and chicory are also safe to be sprayed with Weed Reaper, as well as nut sedge plants like chufa.


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