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BY Austin Delano on Jun. 29, 2017

Planting Waterfowl Seed Mix

We get a lot of calls in the late summer/early fall from guys wanting to plant something for their ducks. Generally speaking, it’s too late in the year when they think about it to grow what the ducks need for food…seed. BioLogics Guide’s Choice is possibly the most advanced waterfowl planting ever. This proven waterfowl seed mix includes Japanese Millet and Sorghum. With a little know-how you can be on your way to a more successful duck hunting experience.

When should I plant duck food plots?
Now is the time to get something planted if you want to have an attractive food source for waterfowl. Most all varieties of plants used for seed production need at least 60-90 days of warm growing weather to mature and produce seed.

What is the best waterfowl seed mix?
Guide’s Choice is a really easy to grow blend for the duck hunter and waterfowl fanatic. This mix is designed for seed production and durable stalks that will stand up in a water environment.

Where should I plant duck food?
Guide’s Choice can be planted on ground that is in a water controlled impoundment or in areas that naturally flood once fall and winter rains come.

How to plant waterfowl seed mix?
Guide’s Choice can be drilled or broadcast at a rate of 20 lbs per acre. If the area you are planning to plant is too wet to be disced or drilled, Guide’s Choice can be broadcast onto moist ground as long as it is not standing water. In the case where it is only broadcasted onto moist soil, a cultipacker or drag should be used to ensure good seed to soil contact.

Should I fertilize my waterfowl food plots?
Fertilization recommendations would be 400lbs per acre of BioLogic pH fertilizer. Guide’s Choice needs around 70-80 days to mature, a mid June-mid July planting date is recommended for good seed production.

Many properties in a flyway have potential for creating new duck holes. Now that you know a little more about the when, what, where and how of planting duck holes, it’s time to plant your own. Check out our Tips for creating your own duck hunting hot spot here: Tips for Creating Your Own Duck Hunting Spot.


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