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BY The GameKeepers on Nov. 03, 2017

Quick Tips for Unused Seed

Keep It Dry

Certain seeds lose germination faster than other seeds. Some seeds can last for several planting seasons beyond the inoculation date on the bag.  For best results use a plastic storage container that will keep your seed dry until next planting season.

Avoid Excessive Temperatures

Make sure that you don’t expose it to long periods of excessive temperatures - between 20° F and 80° F is ideal.

Testing Germination Rate

If you have old seed and you wonder if it is still good - it’s easy to test the germination rate. All you need is a paper towel, a quart size seal-able plastic bag and 10 to 20 of the seeds in question. Fold the paper towel several times so that it will fit inside the plastic bag. Soak the towel with water and spread out the seeds over the wet paper towel. Slide the towel with the seeds on it into the plastic bag and set it on a warm windowsill. You will see what your germination rate is after a few days. If 7 seeds out of the 10 germinate you have a 70% germ rate. BioLogic blends like Premium Perennial, Clover Plus, Deer Radish or Maximum, which all have tiny, hard seeds that we put through our special coating can last for years beyond the original date on the bag tag.

For more food plot tips, read "Overlooked Benefits of Planting Brassicas". It’s common knowledge that Brassicas such as radish, rape, and turnips make for attractive deer food plots. However, as gamekeepers, we need to focus on more than just using food plots as a tool to bring deer in closer for a shot.



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