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BY The GameKeepers on Sep. 15, 2017

Trail Camera Settings

Today’s trail cameras have a ton of options that you can set up specifically for your location and situation. If you’re setting it up over deer bait like corn or a mineral lick, turn your frequency and sensitivity down so you don’t end up with a lot of photos of the same thing. This fills your card and uses up your batteries.

If you’re using your camera over a deer scrape, trail or opening of a food plot, turn the frequency and sensitivity up so that you catch everything that moves through. Unlike baited deer that will stay in one spot, you’re trying to see how, when and where they move through so you can learn deer patterns. 

For more Gamekeeper field tips read “Stand Approach… You’ve Got to Get There First”. Even if you have the best spot in the world, if you alert whitetails to your presence before you get there…it really doesn’t matter.  Stand approach is an often-overlooked aspect of the hunt.


Extras from OutdoorMetrix:

Once you get your settings fine-tuned and you're capturing lots of good pics, using an app like OutdoorMetrix will help you map your cameras, upload and tag your images and see weather for every trail cam pic.


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