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BioLogic’s LabLab is a vigorous, twining legume specially formulated for outstanding performance in food plots from spring well into autumn. It’s resistant to insects and disease, grows well even in rough or acidic soil, proves resilient under heavy browsing and produces an incredible amount of forage — plants often grow two to three feet in height. Deer are strongly attracted to LabLab’s large, succulent leaves — an excellent source of protein and phosphorus for antler growth and development. Landowners and managers appreciate how vigorously it grows. A favorite blend for those who manage their plot year-round for optimal deer herd health and maximum antler production.

Supported Species   Whitetail Deer
Northern Zone   Spring
Transitional Zone   Spring
Southern Zone   Spring
Coverage   20 lbs. per acre.
Planting Depth   1/2 to 1 inch
Amount of Sunlight   Full sun to partial shade
Soil pH   5.0 to 8.0 but prefers 6.0 to 7.0
Fertilizer   350 lbs of 0-20-20 per acre.
Protein   Will produce 5,000 to 7,000 lbs of forage per acre at an average protein content of approximately 25%.
Nutrition   Will produce 5,000 to 7,000 lbs of forage per acre at an average protein content of approximately 25%.
Primary Usage   Expect usage shortly after germination. Lablab is very tolerant of browsing once it is established but it is vulnerable to browse pressure for the first 30 days of growth. In small plots, it is wise to protect Lablab with P2 Plot Protector for the first month if you anticipate browsing pressure.
Soil Type   Lablab will grow in any type of soil pending adequate soil moisture is present and it is well drained. It is very drought tolerant once established but does not grow well in wet soils.
How to Plant   Because LabLab is a legume, it can be successfully grown anywhere that soybeans and peas will grow. The standard ratio is 20 lbs. of LabLab to every one acre of land. For best results, plant in a no-till drill after spraying the soil with Roundup® or BioMaxx™ Herbicide — this kills all existing vegetation while conserving soil moisture. The seed can also be broadcast onto a well-prepared seed bed at a rate of at least 20 lbs. per acre. The seed can be covered in soil from 1/2 to one inch.
When to Plant   LabLab can be planted in the spring (when soybeans are being planted in your area, or once the soil temperature reaches 65° or higher) or in late summer (excellent for early season bow hunting plots). For best results, conduct a spring planting to establish an attractive and nutritious summer forage, followed by plowing and planting a fall attractant in early autumn.

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