Mineral Rock

Mineral Rock
BioRock Block

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BioRock is an all-natural supplement used to attract deer, keep them coming back, and help them reach their full potential. BioRock contains trace minerals including Calcium, Salt, Sulfur and Potassium. Minerals can play an important role in a deer’s health body size, and overall development. Using BioRock will make these scarce, and sometimes unavailable minerals more easily accessible to the deer herd in your area. BioRocks are extracted from deep within the Himalayan Mountains and kept in its natural state making it more effective and completely harmless to the environment. Unlike typical compressed mineral lick products, BioRock’s purity and hardiness enables the block to withstand the elements, and last much longer than most salt licks. Place BioRocks on a level, well drained surface, preferably near an area of deer traffic to create great opportunities for hunting and/or photography.
-100%natural Himalayan Rock Salt packaged in a 5 lb. rectangular block, ideal for retail merchandising.
-Not a compressed form. This is the naturally occurring rock that has been cut into a block shape.
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