Chestnut Magic Attractant

Chestnut Magic Attractant
Whitetail Addiction Chestnut Magic

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Chestnuts were the primary mast source for deer, bear, turkey and other wildlife in America for thousands of years until the chestnut blight in the early 1900's. Deer are evolutionarily programmed to eat chestnuts and choose these sweet, nutritious nuts over all other mast. Chestnuts have 2X the protein and 4X the carbohydrates of acorns, without the bitter tasting tannins.

Now you can take advantage of deer's natural craving of chestnuts with CHESTNUT MAGIC Ultimate Deer Attractant. It's made with fresh, dried chestnuts and a blend of grains and nurtients that draw deer to your property -Proven formula containing actual Dunstan Chestnuts & blend of grains that deer love. -Sweeter tasting than acorns, Chestnuts are preferred by deer 100:1 over acorns. -In wet or dry conditions, emits a sweet--‐smelling odor that attracts deer. -Can use in small strips or large piles. -Packaged in a 5 lb. Easy Pour bag with cut out handle.
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